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Sharing Practical Solutions


For Complex Challenges

We're committed to advancing the performance of an organization's three most valuable assets - the workforce, workplace and work process.


Some of the clients served by our Associates include:



The members of FM3IS Associates possess a successful track record of providing a full range of facility performance enhancement, workforce capability development, and organizational leadership skill sets, that enable us to provide our life cycle facility portfolio asset management services -- as a holistic integrated system, or as component processes and products -- based on the needs of our clients. 

Our Key Differentiators


What makes us a best value, is our ability to focus on integrating facility asset management, performance data analysis, AND business processes engineering, to optimize the value and use of a built space portfolio.


Building upon our individual expertise and professional engagements, we utilize innovative methodologies, data analytical, and decision-making technologies, to improve personnel performance and preserve property assets.


We not only provide on-site facility management competency training and education capabilities, we can also cultivate relationships with industry- recognized professional associations, so clients can increase their workforce developmental capacity.


Tailor-built Innovation

We have earned a reputation of excellence by providing tailor-built integrated, innovative, and inspirational solutions, that enable our clients and their stakeholders to successfully achieve their business objectives.  

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